Flora and Fauna

Home to a bunch of intriguing widely varied vegetation that few places on the earth can coordinate, Bhutan has around 72% of its zone under woods cover. More than 5000 types of plants develop in Bhutan. These incorporate 300 types of restorative plants, more than 50 types of rhododendron and 600 types of orchids.

The fauna includes: elephants, tigers, buffalo, one horned rhinoceros (rhinoceros unicorns), leopards (panthara pardus), gaur, red pandas, langur monkeys, wild boar, deer, white-collared black bears, yaks (bos gruniens), tahr (hemitragus jemlahicus) and goral (naemorhedus goral). Brown trout and local fishes are found in northern rivers and lakes, while in the south the rivers are full of masher.

The rare and exotic species found in Bhutan are: golden langur (found only in Bhutan), pangolin, pygmy hog, snow leopard, red pandas, wild buffalo, monal peasant, peacock peasant, raven, rufous-necked hornbill, white-bellied heron, common shelduck, ruddy duck, black necked crane, golden masheer, spotted deer, leopard, leopard cat, Himalayan black bear, serow, snow leopard, takin, musk deer, Himalayan brown bear, Himalayan marten, tiger, hornbills, pheasants, mountain goats and timid blue sheep.
About 675 species of birds have been recorded in Bhutan and more than 16 different species of birds are included in the lists of endangered species.



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