Land zone: 38,394 square kilometers
Woodland scope: 72.5 %
Elevation extend: from 200metres to 7500metres above ocean level
Occupants: around 0.7million individuals
Dialect: “Dzongkha” is the national dialect, however English is likewise generally talked
Religion: “Drukpa Kadju” (Mahayana Buddhism)
Currency : Ngultrum (equivalent to Indian Rupee)
Capital: Thimphu (Western Bhutan)
National Tree: Cypress(Cupressus torulosa) a comprehensively pyramidal tree to 35m seen close sanctuaries
National Flower: Blue Poppy (Meconopsis grandis)Rich blue or purple develops in high-altitute
National Bird: Rave (Corvus corax) an expansive substantial dark black high-altitute crow
National Animal: Takin(Budorcas taxicolor) A size of a dairy animals, head looks like goat
National Game : Archery(Made of bamboos)

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