10-Day: Rodung La Trek

The Rodung La Trek offered by Imperial Lotus Tours is a thrilling adventure that takes trekkers through some of the most remote and pristine regions in Bhutan. The trek covers a distance of approximately 75 miles and crosses the Rodung La pass, which is located at an altitude of over 16,000 feet. The trek offers trekkers breathtaking views of the Himalayas, rugged terrain, and unique flora and fauna. The trek also takes trekkers through the beautiful Phobjikha valley, which is home to the endangered black-necked crane. With Imperial Lotus Tours, trekkers can have a safe and comfortable experience, as the tour operator provides experienced guides and high-quality camping equipment.

The Rodung La Trek is a challenging trek suitable for experienced trekkers looking for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. With Imperial Lotus Tours, trekkers can have a memorable and life-changing experience that will leave a lasting impression. The tour operator also ensures that visitors have the opportunity to interact with the local communities, supporting sustainable tourism practices and contributing to the socio-economic development of the region. The Rodung La Trek is a must-do for any adventurous trekker looking for a unique and unforgettable experience in Bhutan.

Imperial Lotus Tours has designed the Rodung La Trek to showcase the natural beauty and cultural richness of Bhutan. The tour operator also provides opportunities for trekkers to explore the unique cultural heritage of Bhutan by visiting ancient temples and monasteries along the trekking route. With Imperial Lotus Tours, trekkers can have a comprehensive experience that combines adventure, culture, and natural beauty. The Rodung La Trek is an exceptional way to explore the rugged and pristine landscapes of Bhutan and is a must-do for any intrepid traveler.

Day 1: Jakar – Ngang Lhakhang (Distance 20km, six to seven hours, camp altitude 2,800m)

The route takes you around Chamkhar Chhu, a river rich in trout. After passing Thangbi Lhakhang, a temple built by the first Karma Shamar in 13th century, further ahead you enter Ngang Yul, ‘Swan Land” and at its center is Ngang Lhakhang, the “Swan Temple”. This part of the valley was at first inhabitated by swans who gave their name (Ngang) to the place. The Lama Namkha Samdrup, having dreamt a vision of how to build a temple, shot an arrow and at the spot where the arrow landed, the Ngang Lhakhang was erected.

Day 2: Ngang Lhakhang – Ugyenchholing (Camp altitude 2,850m)

Climb gradually to Phephe La pass (3,353m). Follow the trail until the pass takes you through one of the most stunning forested areas of this region. Allow for stops to enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings. Ugyen Choling Palace houses one of the most interesting museums of Bhutan.

Day 3: Ugyen Choling – Phokphey (Distance 17km, five to six hours, 920m ascent, camp altitude 3,680m)

Today’s walk is through bamboos, hemlock and finally up to an alpine forest. The camp is in a meadow at the head of the valley.

Day 4: Phokphey – Pemi (Distance 20km, six to seven hours, 480m ascent, 1,160m descent, camp altitude 2,950m)

Rodung La (4,160m) is about three hours climb from the camp. From the pass you then continue downhill through a gorge, overlooking some of the mountain valleys. The region is well known for its sightings of ghosts and yetis. Towards the camp you see pine trees and the ruined stone building was the grain storehouse during the times of the first and second king.

Day 5: Pemi – Khaine Lakhang (Distance 21km, seven to eight hours, 350m ascent, 1,340m descent, camp altitude 2,010m)

This trail winds up and down, passing the villages of Ungaar, Bulay, Kulaypang and Gomda till you reach Drula village and Khaine Lhakhang en route. It is one of the oldest temples in existence today, built in mid 7th century by the King Songtshen Gampo of Tibet to subdue demons.

Day 6: Khaine Lakhang – Tangmachu (Distance 18km, six to seven hours, 520m ascent, 810m descent, camp altitude 1,720m)

From your camp, the trail goes down to a stream and back up to a basic health unit and community school in Gorsam. Further on, you pass a Tibetan-style Umling Mani, built by a lama from Tibet, and a chorten on Zerim La (1,940m). Before reaching the next pass, Tage La (1,760m) you will see Menjabi, a beautiful Bhutanese village with large white houses. South-east of Tage La is Tangmachu High School. About 400 students study in this school. There is a campsite near the school. Another possibility is to organise transport and drive to Lhuentse, the capital of Lhuentse district, with its impressive dzong.

Day 7: Tangmachu – Menji (Distance 16km, four to five hours, 690m ascent, 620m descent, camp altitude 1,830m)

Arrive firstly to Kuri Zampa and the trek from here is gradually up through the paddy fields and villages to Chusa.

Day 8: Menji – Pemi (Distance 20km, five to six hours, 620m ascent, camp altitude 2,450m)

Continue uphill through thick forests overlooking mountain views. The camp is under forest shelter at an altitude of 2,400m. Distance: 20 km. Time: six to seven hours.

Day 9: Pemi – Taupang (Distance 21km, seven to eight hours, 1,450m ascent, 1,450m descent, camp altitude 2,450m)

Continue up to Dongla where you will have fascinating mountain views. Descend through thick evergreen forests till you reach campsite. Overnight campsite. Distance: 21 km. Time: six to seven hours.

Day 10: Taupang – Trashi Yangtse (Distance 24km, eight to nine hours, 720m descent)

Today is the longest trek. It is a gradual downhill trek till Yangtse through chir pine and hardwood forests, and then oak in the sub tropical forest zone. Overnight camp. Distance: 24 km. Time: eight to nine hours.

Included Services

Imperial Lotus Tours is delighted to offer you an exceptional journey through the enchanting kingdom of Bhutan. To ensure complete clarity about the services included in your tour package, please review the following terms and conditions regarding inclusions:

  1. Sustainable Development Fee (SDF):
    – SDF of $100 USD per person per night included.
    – Supports Bhutan’s sustainable development initiatives.
  2. Accommodation:
    – Stay in 3-star rated hotels and lodges.
    – Chosen for comfort and quality during your Bhutan stay.
  3. English-Speaking Guide:
    – Experienced Bhutanese guide provided.
    – Offers insights into Bhutan’s history, culture, and traditions.
  4. Transportation:
    – Comfortable and well-maintained vehicle.
    – Ground transportation within Bhutan prioritizes safety and comfort.
  5. Meals:
    – Daily meals included (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).
    – Enjoy a variety of Bhutanese and international dishes.
  6. Bottled Mineral Water:
    – Complimentary mineral water provided during tours and travels.



(Please note that the services mentioned above are exclusively included in your tour package. Any additional services, activities, personal expenses, or purchases (e.g. Airfare, Any expenses of personal nature such at laundry, table drinks, telephone calls etc.) not explicitly listed as included in this agreement will be at your own cost.)


Imperial Lotus Tours is committed to providing you with an enriching and seamless travel experience in Bhutan. We hope you enjoy your stay in this extraordinary kingdom and make unforgettable memories.

Imperial Lotus Tours offers a range of value-added options to enhance your travel experience in Bhutan.


1. Cultural Immersion:

Imperial Lotus Tours offers a range of cultural immersion experiences, including;

1. Traditional Bhutanese cooking classes.

2. Archery lessons.

3. Dance performances.

These activities provide a deeper understanding of Bhutanese culture and traditions, and are a great way to connect with the local people.


2. Wellness Activities:

Bhutan is known for its focus on wellness and mindfulness, and Imperial Lotus Tours offers a range of wellness activities to help you relax and rejuvenate. These include;

1. Yoga and meditation sessions.

2. Traditional hot stone baths.

3.spa treatments.


3. Adventure Activities:

Bhutan is a great destination for adventure activities, and Imperial Lotus Tours offers a range of options, including;

1. Trekking.

2. Mountain biking.

3. White-water rafting.

These activities provide an opportunity to explore Bhutan’s stunning natural beauty and challenge yourself physically.


4. Customized Itineraries:

Imperial Lotus Tours can customize your itinerary to suit your interests and preferences. Whether you want to focus on cultural experiences, wellness activities, adventure activities, or a combination of all three, Imperial Lotus Tours can create a personalized itinerary that meets your needs.


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